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Classroom to Table is an eSTEAM program where students (Pre-K – adults) learn the fundamentals of urban agriculture to devise a healthy eating ecosystem of ultra-locally grown produce.

Classroom to Table supports school start-up and established garden programs through
ongoing in-person and virtual instruction resources utilizing the most in-demand
technology. These tools ensure an ideal set up for teaching the basics of healthy eating, urban farming, culinary and entrepreneurship progressive curriculum components.

Our learning platform incorporates the most cutting edge hydroponic indoor growing
equipment that allows students the ability to master seed to harvest. Students then work
with chefs and restaurateurs to curate new recipes and use garden-grown ingredients in
their signature dishes, as well as for farmers markets, school fundraisers and local food


Healthy Eating

Juice Bottles

Establishing a foundational understanding of nutrition, its impact, food sources, and lack of access.

Hydroponic Lettuce

Grow varieties of vegetables, herbs, and spices to develop hydroponic indoor growing techniques and skills.


Culinary Arts

Cooking Ingredients

Development of recipes, core culinary, and kitchen equipment skills - careers within the industry and health food sourcing.

Boxed Food

Alignment with local nonprofit and for profit businesses, as community stakeholders coordinate an inclusive food cooperative ecosystem of partners.



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