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Feuling the Next Generation
STEM Education

By partnering with community-based nonprofits, we are initiating local environmental justice, EV installation planning, and STEM & STEAM programming for all ages in partnership with local educational institutions. Our responsibility to our underserved communities faces a daunting challenge: to be competitive in the growing technology job market. We must provide these upcoming generations with sustainable STEM & STEAM educational road maps that equip them for success and prepare them for their tech-driven future!

In the presentation, we will explore how we can create impactful educational pathways that empower our underserved communities to become the tech innovators of tomorrow. By establishing strategic STEM & STEAM road maps, these learners will be equipped with the necessary skills for successful careers in an increasing gig- automated economy.


Rewarding Knowledge


STEM Rewards Program

A reimagined rewards system for the youth. Through the EVi66 platform, students can earn badges and points for every video viewed and daily mission accomplished. STEM kits, merch, etc. 


Helping to bring STEM education to our underserved youth with an exciting new face: the healthy-food-lover 

Green Llama!

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