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EVi66 is the MBE/BEP Ownership operation of electric vehicle charging stations working towards an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV Charging Stations throughout Illinois.

Meet The Team


Julio Linares

Digital Solutions Architect

Prior to joining XD Tech, Julio was the director of solutions engineering for a true clear global he holds a secret clearance, and has deep experience leading technology organizations within the enterprise visualization vertical markets including; traditional AV integration firms, software and cloud-based development organizations, and hardware manufacturing organizations. He works in AV/IT technology solutions and is a serial entrepreneur. 


Lucia Castaneda

President of Human Resources & Manufacturing

Lucia Castaneda is a passionate and globally-minded pedagogist, business mentor, and health coach. From designing programs for hospitals to acting as an HR manager for toy companies on four continents (Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, and the United States); she has consistently worked towards maximizing individual empowerment in order to catalyze positive transformation -- making meaningful differences within themselves and society at large. 

Xavier Hernandez

President & Founder

Workforce/Economic Development Executive turned Tech Entrepreneur and now Principle Owner who oversees the day-to-day growth and expansion of 5 companies. Bringing 25 years of business experience in managing fortune 500 companies, creating and overseeing training projects, talent acquisition, grants, sales growth and expansion.


Deythan Del Valle

Director of Marketing & Communications

Deythan Del Valle is an award-winning filmmaker that has worked on numerous local productions and has experience in Film & Television Development from his career in Los Angeles. Today, he works as a partner at XD Tech, where he continues to find creative ways to make film education and employment accessible to the nation’s disenfranchised youth.

Matt Headshot.jfif
Matt Headshot.jfif

Matt Mosher

Project Lead

Accomplished construction professional with extensive experience spearheading large-scale public sector projects to achieve goals related to work quality, revenue, and contract specifications. Matt has spent the majority of his career working in the public sector and wants to leverage this experience to develop high-quality developments that will revitalize communities.


Gavin Mlinar

Global Consultant

A former Wall Street Equity Analyst and Investment Banker who has leveraged negotiating and communication skills, industry knowledge, and a passion for cost savings into a successful Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain career. Exceptionally skilled in complex problem solving, workflow/process simplification, change management, and business unit and Executive collaboration. 


Anthony Garritano

Customer Relation Liaison

Tony Garritano currently provides comprehensive technical and narrative writing for grant content development for various RFP responses. As well as work with small to medium-sized companies handling their business legal, status and procurement filings.

The Challenge

  • How do we change the way the world thinks about EV Charging Stations?

  • How do we create community wealth and education through emerging technologies?

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