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Vendor Diversity Academy

Through compiled historical data and feedback from past relationships with vendors, we plan to establish a “Vendor Diversity Academy”. The purpose of The Academy is to significantly increase the number of DE&I vendors as well as the on-ramps into BP’s diversity vendor pool. Strategically developed in collaboration with BP’s diversity and supply chain representatives, The Academy will provide continuous acclimation and support to new and smaller DE&I businesses seeking to become vendors.

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Inclusion and Support

The Vendor Diversity Academy will help BP create a higher level of inclusion and provide the DE&I vendor community with the support needed to grow and thrive as a BP partner and vendor. In addition, graduates of the Vendor Diversity Academy will allow these same businesses to create relationships with other national customers through their newfound ability to service their vendor diversity needs.

Together, we will create the roadmap for DE&I operations by securing the required and necessary items DE&I vendors need to transact business with BP and receive official vendor status.





Improving Lives

As BP reimagines energy, the challenge will be to extract the substance from the 2020 diversity, equity, and inclusion policy report and transform its contents into visual promotional material. The current reality of the world is that seeing is believing and believing is
understanding. The goal is to disseminate focused data of these yearly reports into a visual display of
community-based interactions and peer-to-peer grassroots promotion.

Specific actions to be taken to further expand supplier diversity will be to implement a Request For Proposal process led by local nonprofit minority business operations. These organizations can help to empower smaller suppliers seeking to advance product opportunities with BP. These RFP’s will be issued and awarded to experienced business/nonprofits that can directly integrate working protocols to potential suppliers. Thus, filling the gaps in their qualifications, application, or other requirements they have been unable to previously meet.

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